Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Archiving old family photos

I've found several sets of very old family photos on both my father's and mother's side of the family.

I've been wondering the best way to archive them.

I've decided to:
1) Use jpg files for digitizing the old photos
2) Use Picasa for adding captions (I've been told that it has the added advantage of face recognition, so it may help to identify relatives in photos if you have them identified in one photo and want to figure out what other photos they are in)
3) Probably buy two external hard drives to store all our photos on: one for hear at the house and the other at a relatives house for an "off-site backup"
4) I will keep the old photos since that seems the safest way of preserving them

Here are some websites I've found helpful:

Do you have any questions or suggestions along these lines? Please comment!