Friday, August 09, 2013

2013 Global Leadership Summit notes

I am going to fill in this post later with my notes from the Global Leadership Summit (Aug. 8-9, 2013).

I am attending with 75,000 people from hundreds of satellite sites. Our local satellite location is in "God's Square Mile at the Jersey Shore" Ocean Grove New Jersey (

Please check back here later for the remainder of my notes!

Here is the first part of my notes, I'll be posting more later:

Bill Hybels

We need to be courageous leaders to stick with the vision given us.
Joshua's prayer: be strong and courageous Joshua 1:9
There are many people with vision, but not many with the courage to carry it through

*Build a healthy culture
People join orgs, they leave managers
Staff cultures will only ever be as healthy as the org leader allows it to be
In US, only 30% workers engaged, large percentage not engaged and many actively disengaged.
* Establishment and enforcement of values
Social media: mobile growing, more cell phones in US than people in US
People under 30 yrs spend about half time on mobile
Leaders need courage to move a vision to a viable value
My Takeaways : 
1. pray for a vision, one vision, and work on it
2. When something is "just not right" then say that to the leaders
3.  can I have someone independent interview those who report to me?

Note: I missed Gen. Colin Powell because I was giving an internal presentation about Social Project Management" - 400+ people showed up 

Patrick Lencioni
In order to make people valuable, give them a way to measure their own performance.
Qualitative vs quantitative measurement. How do you measure how you're doing. Are the things we're measuring, things we have control over?
Managers sometimes don't give their people a way to measure their own value because the manager wants to maintain control.
These are 3 signs of a miserable job: irrelevance, immeasurable, anonymity
People need to make enough money, but these are drivers
How can we be a servant leader without connecting and allowing them to feel value in their job?
* Management is a ministry

Liz Wiseman
Multipliers are people who make people smarter, they are amplifiers, intelligence multipliers
Diminishers make people feel unvalued, stupid, un-needed
There is more intelligence in our workers than we can see.
Diminishers believe that others need them to figure it out.
Multipliers believed you would figure it out
It takes 18 minutes to reboot brain after a stressor
Sometimes we are "accidental diminishers" despite our best intensions. We are following popular mgmt practices.
Instead of telling them what to do, ask them what needs to be done.

More notes will be posted here later

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