Sunday, May 01, 2016

Raspberry Pi mutiboot, Node-RED, and more

I wanted to use my Raspberry Pi 2 in several ways.

So, I formatted the 8GB SD card (note: Windows will make it look like 128Mb, but that's ok, the Raspberry will use the rest of the card).
Then, I installed Berryboot. It's easy. I just downloaded Berryboot (a .zip compressed file) and extracted the files to the SD card.

Once I plugged the SD card into the Raspberry Pi 2, it booted and asked a few questions.
Then, I could install operating systems.

I installed Raspian, which has Node-RED included with it now.

I also installed OPENELEC which allows me to watch media online. We've used it to watch the Hallmark on-demand movies in the past.  There's even a Kodi app you can download on your mobile to control it remotely.