Sunday, October 13, 2013

Airline reservation tools

Here are some helpful websites for making airline reservations
  • Yapta - This website will track falling or rising prices on flights. This works well for JetBlue because if you make a reservation and then they have a sale, this will alert you and then you can call JetBlue to get a credit!
  • Cheapoair - provides alternate dates for flying
  • Kayak -
  • Hotwire - shows you what you might save using alternate airports or alternate days
Market Comparisons/Buy or Wait

Before you buy a ticket, check out these sites to see average fares, price history, and if prices are rising or falling. Again, check these sites out before you start looking into airfares to get an idea of what you should expect to pay.

Farewatch (Shows average fares)
Kayak (after searching click on ‘show chart of fare history’ in left hand corner)
Farecast (for tickets in the next 30 days shows if prices are rising/falling)

The best search engines for searching for airline tickets. You don’t book through them, rather they redirect you to the airline’s homepage. (This is what makes them different from online travel agencies.)

Kayak or Sidestep (same company now)