Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Twitter reposting and tweet Scheduling Applications and Tools

The group I founded,, has a twitter account (@PMlessons). We're looking for a way to schedule "tweets" in advance.

Here are some links I found helpful:

Slide presentation with good comparisons of a bunch of free tools:
And the blog post relating to this slide presentation:
Covers:, Twaitter, Dynamic Tweets, Twit Robot, Future Tweets, Social OOmph, Twuffer

Blog post on 6 twitter tools that schedule tweets for later:
Covers: Twuffer, Futuretweets, Twaitter, twit Robot, Hootsuite, Cotweet
Covers: Tweet Later, Future Tweets, Tweet Deck, Twuffer, Easy Tweets (paid), TwitResponse,
Hoot Suite


I liked hootsuite and socialoomph so googled a comparison:

Looks like might be the place to start.
I won't get to this for a while, so please give your input!

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