Thursday, January 31, 2013

Videogames I worked on

"Back in the day" I worked on video games

List of games (I'm working to get this into chronological order):

Here are some other links to games I worked on:


Ammianus said...

What language did you use for your programming of the older console systems? Was it some kind of assembly or C?

What was the development environment like? i.e. debugging, emulating or running your code, importing art assets?

I love to hear more about the game industry in that time period.

Henry said...

We used Assembly language, it was microprocessor language. We used an Apple IIe for development, then later IBM PCs. We basically had a system that emulated an eprom. No emulators, no debuggers. I seem to remember that art assets were input into the assembler code manually. Thanks for reminding me about those aspects of those fun and rudimentary times. I have someone who is interviewing me and I should mention those things.

Henry said...

Here's an interview from last year about my work on Word Zapper for the Atari 2600:

Henry said...

Here's another Atari 2600 podcast about my work on Mousetrap: