Monday, August 24, 2015

Cabin Fever Part 3: Sending the Temperature Using Email

In the last installment of this project, I was able to send email.
This next part of the project is to send the temperature in an email.
The Hardware: Adding the sensor to the Shield
 I wondered if the Ethernet Shield would be using pin 2 where I had connected the temperature sensor in the first part of this project. I thought about reading up on the shield to find out, but then I decided to just try it.  So, I added the sensor to pin2, then I reloaded the first program and it worked! So, "all systems are go" from the hardware standpoint.
Running out of Memory
I quickly found out that I could run out of memory with the Arduino Uno. My program started doing weird things when I had long text strings to send (when I tried to send the temp in Centigrade and Fahrenheit with those words like I did in the first part of this project).  This used up a bit of the time to figure out too.
So, I changed to having a very minimal program. I only sent the temperature.
I was able to send the temperature to two email addresses and to the email address for the cell phone so that it came to the cell phone as a SMS message!

What's Next?
So, then, since I decided to simplify, what would come next?  My original plans to do so much seemed too complex and out of reach with the memory constraints.  It was time to "go back to the drawing board."
What do you think would be a next step or a re-planing?
(see Part 4)

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