Monday, November 02, 2015

Social Sharing Etiquette : Sharing Good Exciting News the Best Way!

We probably have all heard that we should be careful what we share because "anything on the internet is there forever" and there are employers that look at what you've posted to tell if you qualify for a job or not.  But, what about how to consider our friends and family with our posts?

I've noticed that people we know find lots of success by following the steps below when a big life event comes up (like a wedding engagement, or a something else to celebrate).

I thought it might be helpful to post this so that people can think through it and comment. And, for those who know me, you know I like to analyze things and put them into steps and formulas.

Before the event occurs, it's usually only known to a few people (usually two). So, how do they  get this exciting news out in a considerate way?

What I've seen people do successfully is to first tell their closest family and friends about the announcement. And, VERY IMPORTANT, they ask them not to tell anyone else or make it public until they can tell all their friends and family.

Second, they give their closest family and friends some time to tell others. And, VERY IMPORTANT, to tell those who they are sharing this exciting news with to NOT make it public until the original couple of people announce it publicly.

Then, after their closest family and friends have had a chance to tell their closest family and friends, then they announce it publicly (facebook or whatever).

And, now, everyone can join in and comment and celebrate!

Oh, what fun it is to be spreading the great exciting news!

As Christians, we like to share the best good exciting news! We know a savior who gave his life so that we can be free, so that we can have a relationship with our creator, and so that we can be part of his kingdom now and forever.  He has the lifeboat and we're all sinking.  I'm going to the one with the lifeboat. If you want to know more, let me know. I would be happy to tell you more!

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