Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Fourth Day at IBM InterConnect

I just found out that I somehow lost my post on the 2nd day of interconnect, I'll have to figure out how to reconstruct it. I'll try to repost it next week.

I had breakfast with some folks from the IBM Academy of Technology. I sat with Lisa Seacat DeLuca. She is an amazing person. She is the most prolific woman inventor in IBM!  She has two sets of twins.  How does she do it?!

I went to a talk about Local Motors and the 3d Printed connected car. Yes, the car is printed with a 3D printer!

I saw Grady Booch do a session. If you google him, you'll see that he's a classic in IT.

There was the ability to get a professional portrait taken (for use for my IBM internal photo and on external social channels), so I stood in line for that.  They had a team of 5 people working on this: Makeup, computer, photographer, coordinator, and the assistant photographer (who did lighting and posing).

I had my "Ask Me Anything" session which was very successful. It was mostly about showing how Node-RED works in Bluemix to connect to the Internet of things

I packaged some meals with "Stop Hunger Now"

We recorded a video with John Cohn and played Rock Paper Scissors with the Robot

I did an IoT Lab

I got my selfie taken at the dev@ area

I saw the Elton John Concert  - Amazing!

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Lisa Seacat said...

It was so nice to meet you as well Henry! Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to inventing with you at IBM.