Sunday, April 30, 2017

About RSVPs

I've heard stories and even experienced when an RSVP is sent out and people don't ever respond. RSVP means you're supposed to respond either way: if you're going or not going to attend.

And it's very frustrating when people don't respond. You don't know whether to include them in planning or not. If it's an event at a restaurant, for example, you call in a number of people for an event so the restaurant knows how much to prepare. Or, if it's an event at home, you buy food and prepare for the number of folks who responded. Either way, if and when people who didn't respond show up anyway, there isn't enough food!

We always try to respond to RSVPs right away. We err on the side of going if we have any doubt.
My philosophy has been to prioritize attending events that happen less often.
So, if there is a choice between going to see something that happens once a month and something that happens once a year or once in a lifetime, then the event that happens less often is what we attend.
This policy helps in deciding which events to attend and how to RSVP.
What are your thoughts about RSVPs?

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