Monday, May 08, 2017

Watson and Art - Hidden Portraits

IBM had an exhibit at the Cadillac House in New York City. It just ended on May 7th. It was only there for a few days. I wanted to get a chance to see it, so I drove in on Saturday May 6th. 
Note: I am having issues with the videos in this blog post. Come back in a few days to allow me time to figure out what the issue is.
Here is the Cadillac House from across the street. I got there early, so there weren't many people around yet.

Here is the entry to the Cadillac House

There are several of the latest Cadillac models on display.

And, there is a coffee bar

And, some nice places to sit and relax

The cars are quite impressive and displayed well.

I liked the old photos of Cadillacs and this nice table

Turning to the side of the table there was the entrance to the exhibit

The exhibit is titled Hidden Portraits

There was a good explanation of the exhibit at the entrance

And, the required legal information

As you walked in, you saw the center piece. A large white booth with rounded corners and the artwork around it. Each of the pieces of art were created by using Watson to obtain information about the person being depicted.

Paul Rand was one of the persons that the art depicted. Paul Rand is well known and he created some logos for IBM.

It wasn't easy to capture a photo of the artwork with the lighting

Thomas Watson was the First Chairman  CEOs of IBM

This artwork was a slide puzzle

The line started to get longer for Watson. Each person took about 7 minutes to be analyzed by Watson, so I got in line.

Watson Asked about 5 questions. One asked who my childhood best friend was and why I selected them 

At first, I couldn't figure out why the media would stop. Then I realized that it reacted to my movements.

There were mirrors all around, so it was just right for a selfie!

After seeing all 7 pieces, I went back to the Watson Booth and collected the poster of myself that Watson created. 

I walked down to the Hudson River afterwards

I decided to walk over to SoHo and walked right by the Trump SoHo building

I walked by a bakery and got some treats to take back home.

I hope you liked the photos. Please comment!

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Carolyn said...

Very interesting! Thanks for posting! I feel like I was there at the exhibit!