Sunday, June 21, 2009

Plans for the week (report)

Goals for this week:
  • God: spend time talking to God, asking for guidance, and praying for folks
  • Family: Set aside time for Wife and each child
  • Encouragement: Blog that story I have
  • Work Tasks: Project Management Review this week
  • Career Development: Another update for the internal PM Certification
  • Social Networking: Start a blog post about an intro to facebook
  • Music: start to internalize song "All Because Of Jesus" (Drums) and review the other ones, blog on recent learning, practice, internalize "Homegrown Tomatoes" on guitar (work on a faster transition to the "C" chord, learn the lyrics by memory)
  • House: finish install of new pool liner
  • Garden: If it stops raining this week, get grass cut
  • Finances: Start shifting plans toward paying for college and next year's wedding
  • : Track webmaster work (so it can be transitioned to someone else), Post the podcasts that are ready to be posted
  • Extended Family: work to understand dad's gigantic family tree
  • Self: prepare to remember those who serve and enjoy memorial day weekend
Sounds ambitious for one week. But, let's reach for the stars!

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