Monday, July 06, 2009

Please Hide email Addresses of Your Friends

I've received a bunch of emails lately that people have sent to me with very good intentions; warnings about computer viruses, dangerous hoodlums, and other things.

Well intentioned people often do a forward and send these to all their friends and family.

This spreads around our email addresses to make it easy on spammers to add us to spam lists.

Please do us all a favor: when you forward emails, please put everyone's email address in the BCC box. That will hide our email addresses from other people we don't know when this email get's forwarded all around.

Email Addresses Ripe for the Picking (by spammers):
Note on how NOT to do it: If you put everyone's email in the "To" or "CC" box, then everyone sees all the other emails. As this gets forwarded around the internet, everyone get's to see our email address. A spammer picks that up and gets to add tons of email addresses to their spam list. For an example of what I'm talking about, just look at the emails you've received that have already been circulated from people passing the email around. You'll see lots of email addresses just ripe for the picking!

Thanks for thinking of us all. Let's cut back on the spam we all have to put up with.
Pass this around to your friends and family (but make sure you use the BCC box)!

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