Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The benefits of snow

I had lots of time lately to think while moving lots of snow around. I started to think of the benefits of snow:

It looks wonderful

It reminds me of the bible passage that says our sins will be made as white as snow

It gives us good exercise

We can help our neighbors

We see more of our neighbors outside

Sometimes the children get off from school and sometimes they help their exhausted parents and neighbors with shoveling

Some people get off from work. For those who work at home, they do still need to work, but it's a good time to thank God that you have a job.

It helps us appreciate warm weather all the more.

What do you like about snow? What are it's benefits?

 See more photos on our dog Toby's post:


Carolyn said...

I agree with all your comments. I love snow because it provides the exercise of cross country skiing with Jay, sledding, and making snowmen.

When I was little I loved making forts and igloos with snow/ice.

It is just so beautiful and peaceful! Storehouses laden with snow!!

Carolyn said...

Lost my first comment...I agree with you and love snow for the benefit of exercise and cross-country skiing!!

Wish I could see those storehouses laden with snow. from Indescribable, Chris Tomlin

Lisbeth said...

It's easy to complain about snow when it inconveniences us. But thank you for the reminder of its good points and the call to be thankful in all circumstances!