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Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 3b Seth Godin “Poke the Box”

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 3b Seth Godin “Poke the Box” and

Someone watching this today is going to change everything and do something that matters: not because their boss says so, not because it's their job, but because they want to and it's important.

Seth talks about the founder of ASPCA, Nathan Winograd. He was one guy.

This is the opposite of Betty Crocker, a ficticous person. They went on the radio and had many people signing her name to letters. The ledend is faded. They were promoting from a position of power, that is the notion that we are based on the concept of “more.”

Seth mentions someone in Kenya who is a millionaire: she owns land and animals. She found the resources she needed and moved ahead.

The TV-Industrial complex is a model: buy ads, sell products, buy ads: Products that appeals to the masses: average products, mass marketed so they appeal to everyone by definition. The record industry, the newspaper industry, the book industry: all going away.

30,000 items in most supermarkets, look in the phone book at churches: many choices.

Revolutions destroy the perfect and allow the impossible.

The death of the industrial age. It is being replaced by different people wanting different things: tribes. People who want different things and share a common bond.

Experiment: Clap your hands slowly and in unison. The crowd was able to do this. That is what a tribe is: people in sync with each other.

People want us to show up and get us in sync. Some tribes are invented: like Nike. Others, like the Beatles, didn't create teens, they already existed.

The Laptop lets you connect around the world, let's you order, give, help. It is the new tool. It's up to us how we use it. A long time ago, it was hunting, then it was farming, then in the industrial revolutions people could get a job. Now, we have an economic crisis. There is something after the job, Seth calls it “Being an Artist.”

Art is a risky human act of doing something you haven't done before with someone and for someone. Experiment: Raise your hand as high as you can, now raise it a little higher. The reason is that we have to hold back when serving our boss because they will ask for more. Henry Ford changed the economy by putting the assembly line together so people can be most productive: the factory. Managers just try to get everyone to do the same thing. But faster. Not just interchangable parts, but interchangable people. People need to fit in, because that's what makes the factory work: compliance. We do that in churches and in schools. If you can write it down, then anyone can do it.

Free hugs movement (see youtube) is undercutting the people who are charging high prices for hubs. If all you can offer is that you're the local church, it's the same as saying you're cheap. It's like bottled water, if it's all the same, we just buy the cheapest. Everyone has seen the brown cows, so they won't talk about them. People talk about the purple cow though.

We can find answers on the internet, what we need is for people to solve interesing problems. We need people to find better answers. Don't wait to be picked, pick yourself. The internet is giving you the way: there is a microphone, there is you tube, there are blogs so you can write. You can pull people together for a goal. You will do art and you will fail, but that's what makes it art. The blackberry is there so we can just keep checking to make sure everything is alright.

Lizard Brain: We have a part of our brain that protects us in dangerous situations. It has a good use, but it also stops us from going forward sometimes.

You need to go something worth talking about. You give gifts, hoping that someone will spread it. It's like the carrots at the end of the day of the farmer's market. If you don't give them away, they will rot. Many people are walking around with the carrots and they're rotting.

We are constantly looking for a reason not to do our art, to blame it on someone else. How many people want your seat, for your platform, for your place to influence people.

Go. Make something happen.

If it's worth doing, what are you waiting for.

Inside the box, it's too dark to do anything. Outside the box, nothing to lean on.

On the edges of the box, there is a place to a place to dance, connect and lead.

A six word invitation: What the world is saying, what they're begging for is that they need you to lead them.

(note: Seth had some rather entertaining slides in his presentation, one of the last one's was a team of firefighters posing in a group photo with a building on fire in the background. Also, there was a photo of a seagull on top of a sign that was a seagull with a cirle and line drawn through it. He said he has the worlds largest collection on photos of cafeteria ladies and showed some. There was also an early one of a boy crying next to a tombstone with Santa Claus on it. So, if you can find the video someplace, you may find it worth the time to see them)


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