Friday, August 12, 2011

Leadership Summit 2011 Day 2: Drinking from A fire hose or being quenched by a cup of Water? Time to Apply it?

Drinking from a Fire Hose or being quenched by a cup of water?

Some have said, as they did last year, that the Global Leadership Summit was like drinking from a fire hose. If you've ever seen a fire truck pumping water on a fire through their hoses, you can see the imagery here that drinking from a fire hose would just be so much more water than you could ever take in. I can see why people would say that. There is so much to learn at the Summit and it's all filling us up so fast that there is hardly enough time to soak it in and assimilate it.

Maybe you've felt the same way when you've had the opportunity for some learning opportunity.

I'm attending The 2011 Global Leadership Summit at a satellite location in Ocean Grove NJ, God's Square Mile on the Jersey Shore. So, yesterday during the lunch break, my wife and I took a walk along the shoreline. I was talking to her about how usually when I go for learning opportunities (which are abundant in my church, my profession being a PMP, and the company I work in), I usually take the approach of observing as much as I can and hoping that some of it will soak in and take root. I am thinking that maybe instead of "drinking from the fire hose" and hoping some will "soak in, maybe it's time to just take a cup of that water and drink it fully and be quenched by it. It's time to figure out how to apply it.

I was talking to God about it last night. Maybe, it's time that I stand back a bit from the "fire Hose," of all this teaching, and consider how to apply it. A few years back, this was same idea was given to me by my career coach when he told me "Henry, you know so much, you need to work on applying it."

Sure, today I'll spend more time at the Summit, but just maybe I'll take some time aside to pray and ask the Lord how he wants me to apply all of this.

What are your thoughts?


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