Monday, August 04, 2014

Are You a W4 Follower of Jesus in a W4 Church?

Here are my notes from yesterday's church service:
Are you a W4 Christian in a W4 Church?
Rev. Jorge Acevedo speaking at Ocean Grove NJ on 2014-08-03
Sermon Audio available at this link

1. Whoever will come - Mark 2:2
When we read about Jesus, he always had a crowd 
Luke 7 tells the type of people that Jesus hung out with. Would we allow them in our church?
They pray in his church "Lord, send us the people who know one else wants."
We need to hold out a welcome mat for everyone

2. Whenever they chose
Mark 2:2-3
People in need are ready for Christ.
Spiritual malpractice is Offering Jesus to heal, but not offering the people, places and processes to help them get well.
Barbarians don't have a decoder ring; they don't know what the doxology is, they don't know what the gospel is. 

3. Whatever it takes
Mark 2:4
They dug a hole in the roof! They were willing to do anything to get a hurting person in front of Jesus. What are we willing to do to get people to Jesus?
Hear the story on the recording.
Have you decided that nothing is sacred when helping others?

4. Without compromise - without compromising the Gospel
Mark 2:5
When you have issues, you'll have 4 friends who will bring you to Jesus!
Jesus healed him spiritually before physically.
Rev. T.D. Jakes said "Would God give you a chair in your church without wanting someone to fill it?"

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