Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Tears of Jesus: message by Steve Brown

Rev. Steve Brown spoke on this subject on Aug. 10, 2014 at Ocean Grove NJ. The recording is available here:

Matthew 23:37-39 tells the story (read it)
(Another viewpoint of Jesus going into Jerusalem: Luke 19: 41-44)
Do we shed tears?
Some go to the shopping mall and cry for those who don't know Jesus.
Steve shared that he doesn't care about the souls of those he doesn't know. He prays that Jesus will give him tears like his.
Not only does Jesus hear our tears, but he comes into our lives and our darkness and mixed his tears with ours. 
1. Jesus showed mercy with tears. What is Mercy without tears? (Listen to the recording for more). Pray that God will give you tears, not to be mad, but to be merciful
2. Matthew 23; after he spoke his truth, he wept.
We have the truth. It's difficult to be an atheist; you have to be careful about what you watch, who your friends are, and careful when you go to a funeral. It's tough on them. 
We've been commissioned to spread the truth. But, we need to speak it in humility, caring, and tears. God doesn't need our help and our self-righteousness. 
3. Jesus gave himself with tears.
The cross is a magnifying glass that emphasizes God's tears. Jesus gave himself. We are all good at messing up and Jesus died to take it all away. When we realize it and understand it, then we can shed tears for others and tell others the story. 

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