Thursday, August 07, 2014

Free Goovebook of 100 pics for YOU!

We received our first Groovebook today!
And, if you want one, you can use our code to get the first one free!

"What's a Groovebook?" you ask.
We saw this on Sharktank on TV. Groovebook is a monthly subscription. For $2.99 (postage and handling included) each month, they send you a book with 100 of your photos. You upload you photos using their free app. Check it out at and use our promo code (WILL109) for your first book free!

The photos came out really good. The book is perforated, so you can tear them out if you like. And, they have the date and time on the edge of the photo. I am surprised how well the photos came out considering I took them with my cell phone. I also uploaded some from our camera and they came out good too!
If you use our code, let me know!
I'd like to hear what you think of it too!

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