Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Good Questions that Project Managers Ask the Team

I recently had someone ask me for some tips on getting a project executed.

I learned this (and relearned this) on projects I've worked on. These are important questions to ask those who are performing the tasks on the project.

  1. Schedule: Here is your lists of Tasks. Will you still be able to get these done in the durations listed and in the timelines scheduled?
  2. Dependencies: For your tasks that are listed here, is there anything that would prevent you from starting (or finishing) on time?
  3. Risks: What types of events might occur that could prevent you from getting these things on time or at an acceptable level of quality?
  4. Scope: Do you know of anything that might increase the amount of work that these tasks represent?
  5. Quality: Do you believe you can get these all done at the expected level of quality?
 If you, as a project manager, can ask these questions (simplified here to help make them easy to remember) on a regular basis of each of the team members, then you'll find that it will help you to get the project executed.

Of course, there are many more questions that Project Managers need to ask, but these are important ones to ask of the team members who are performing the work.

Please share the questions you like to ask when trying to get a project done.

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