Friday, September 05, 2014

The Benefits of Spreading Your Questions Around When You Are in a Learning Situation

I've had some great managers and some challenging ones, but I always try to learn from each.

One thing a past manager taught me: When you are in a learning mode (trying to learn things quick), don't always go to the same person all the time, spread your questions out.

This way, people don't see you as not knowing much, their perspective is that you're picking things up faster because you are learning (but they don't realize you're learning from others), and you don't always bother one person, and you get various viewpoints which is also good.

Another point to keep in mind: When I was in college for engineering, one of the things they taught me was that I didn't always need to know all the answers, but I needed to know where to get the answers. So, you might want to make a list of people and places you can go to for answers on various topics.

So, to reiterate, here are some benefits of going to various people with your questions:
  1. It spreads it out
  2. you're not always going to one person and interrupting them
  3. You're not always taking time from one person
  4. People perceive that you're learning quick because they don't realize how you're getting answers from others
  5. You get various perspectives which is always helpful in understanding things
  6. You can build a list of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to go to for answers and reuse that list when you need specific answers
What other benefits do you see from spreading your questions around?

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