Thursday, August 05, 2010

2010 Leadership Summit Session 1 Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels speaking:
I was in a leadership slump. Couldn't solve several problems.
He was given leadership books, authored by very smart people with lots of initials after their names. The only initials he had were: MADG (Middle Aged Dutch Guy)
He officiated a wedding. It didn't go well. He felt that he couldn't even officiate a wedding right, people won't even follow his leadership there. He lost his confidence. He asked God to remind him of at least one thing he knew about leadership.
Bill shared 3 keys to leadership:

Leaders communicate to people that here is our current environment (here) and if we work, and persevere, we will get to a greater place (there).
In the past, he would think that when he would do great vision casting, he would walk off the stage, spike his Bible and be carried off on the shoulders of the leaders in his church. But, the next day the emails would roll in from people saying, but we like it “here.”
* The first place isn't to make “there” sound wonderful, but to make “here” sound awful.
(note: take a look at the book by John Kotter: “The Heart of Change” and his other related books)
Before Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech, he gave many many “we can't stay here” speeches. That's why they were ready for the “I Have a Dream” speech.

A key aspect of leadership is to find and attract fantastic people to develop as leaders and who will flourish in your culture.

* When he seeks to build a team, he seeks people with these key attributes:
Character, Competence, Chemistry (see Bill's book: Axioms). He's been toying with adding another “C”: Culture.

They had to slow things down to discuss values and they way they work, so they know what is needed to fit the unique culture. Their culture is sacrificial and servant based.

Three reactions to loosing a team member: great, uggh, or oh no! They evaluated each person to see if what the reaction would be if each team member left. It lead to some great personnel conversations. * One person said that his parents never told him he was valued and had great future value to the family.

Best part of leadership: The Holy Challenge of developing and forming a team of people to get the organization from here to there. Do you see it as a privelledge? Does it inspire you? Have you defined your culture? Do you have to have some sensitive conversations with people?

How do you inspire people on the journey from “here” to “there?”
What are you doing for Mile Markers and Celebrations?
People forget what it was like back at “here.” Best ways to keep people inspired:
a. Refill their vision bucket. People have a vision bucket. We fill it up and it leaks. Vision leaks. It fades. They have jobs, bills, children to care for, so the vision leaks.
b. Celebrate every possible mile marker you can on the way to the goal, even if you have to make up your mile markers. Turn your set-backs into celebrations. Celebrate any amount of progress. For their 34th anniversary, one person donated pizza for all 20,000 members. They remember the pizza, but don't remember Bill's message that day. There is a 40% improvement in someone's potential performance when they are inspired. Jesus inspired his disciples, he knew they needed it.

John 10:27 Jesus said his sheep hear his voice. Every leader should be an incurable reader of the Bible. You'll become more solid in your core and a better decision maker. God speaks directly to us by his Spirit. We may not hear him speak, but he puts thoughts in our minds that are not ours. In college (he was going to school for business) he heard God speaking in his classes about how God moves through the local church. He didn't follow the “script” for his life (to be in the business world), but surrendered to God's whisper saying he should start a local church: just two words “Start One.” The second whisper from God was “Serve Pastors.” God trys to speak to you every single day.
* What is your “antenna” tuned to?
* Do you believe God speaks?
* Will you do everything in your power to listen?
The smartest moves he's made as a leader didn't come from his own wisdom, but from God's prompting's. God whispered to him “Don't Quit.” Most are short. he's also heard a three word one recently:“Admit your mistake.” Here are others: see which ones God is whispering to you now:
Step Up
Take the Risk
Appologize Now
Make the tough decision
Get help
Stop running from God
Slow Down
Show your heart
Let others lead
Feed your soul
Bless the team
Make the Ask (it's time to ask, don't be chicken, don't put it off)
Do something more impactful
Come Clean
Embody the vision
Celebrate the victories
Speak the truth
pay the price
count your blessings
end the secret
check your motives
set the pace
give God your best (God's only ever given you his absolute best)
Get physically fit
serve you family
humble yourself
Say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”
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