Thursday, August 05, 2010

Leadership Summit 2010 - Opening

A technical glitch delayed the start.
In our Ocean Grove, NJ ( satellite location, the introduction mentioned that Ocean Grove is in it's 141st season of providing a place for spiritual birth, growth and renewal. OG was charter by the state of NJ for the perpetual worship of Jesus Christ. It is also referred to “God's Square Mile” on the Jersey shore. One of the seats had taped below it 2 free tickets to the upcoming Newsboys concert at Ocean Grove (see
I sat in the front row with students from Sommerset Christian College, the only Christian evangelical college in New Jersey.

Starting of satellite feed.
Right where I am, I will do all I can to breathe God's life into my world
Opening Hymn (solo) "Come thou Font of Every Blessing"
Then we sang: "Our God is a God who Saves" - Matt Lundgren – worship leader
Then we Sang: Hosanna (Brooke Frazer)

Bill Hybels gave an intro to the summit: When leaders invest in themselves, everyone benefits. This is the 15th year of the Summit
It's about leadership, yet we're realistic leaders trying to learn to lead better and practically in the world. It is unashamedly Christ centered. We will speak of our faith. It's high intensity, results oriented and serious. We expect everyone to get 5 to 10% better each year. It's about the long haul. It is bathed in prayer year round, for speakers and attendees. It isn't an accident that you are here.

For those here who are not Christians, that's ok. Please respect our prayers and praises. Our lives have been changed, so please respect our desire to thank him. << prayer >>

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