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2010 Leadership Summit Session 4: Beyond Economy: China's Transformation with the Cross (Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao)

Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao: Beyond Economy: China's Transformation with the Cross

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In 2002, he studied America's success and realized that it was due to the Christian faith that the country was able to be successful, persevere, and do so well because of being founded on morals. He wrote the article as an atheist, but now he is a believer. The article he wrote on his study is one of the most read articles on economic reform.

The Chinese recently added religion to their constitution as a basis for economic and social stability.

There are 4 main stages: Financial, Political, Sports (2008 Olympics and won most gold medals), and the stage of faith. On this stage of faith, you rarely saw the Chinese, but now Chinese have come back.

We learned about leadership today, it is about influence (moving people from here to there). I also realize that it is more than influence, but it is also direction. If you move people to the wrong direction, what good is it?

In last 1000 years the most significant change was Martin Luther, the reformation and the development of the protestants.
In the last 500 years, the most significant change was the discovery of America and the development of the country.
What is the most significant change from now to 500 years later? In the 20th Century, one man has said that it is not the world wars, but the rise of China. Maybe in 500 years we may look back to see the most significant change will be the changes of China rising up. But, it's not China rising up, but China coming back. From the time of Christ to 1870 China was largest economic country (1/3 of the world's economy). Until then, half of the worlds books were written in China.

China has fallen behind. That is a small time in the past 5000 years, but now in last 30 years China has caught up. It is quite a quick acceleration. There has not been such a quick acceleration in history. China is now 3rd place on world economy, but by end of this year it will surpass; it will be pass Japan and become 2nd largest world economy. In near future China will return as main economy in the world. China has much pollution. The majority of resources will be consumed by China in the future. There are challenges and they are critical. The most critical is moral values. If China can produce TV sets, but not valuable programs and content for TV, if they can't produce moral values, they cannot succeed as a super-power. America can become the leader of the world due to the american dream: not just everyone to have a car, but due to values. Many in the world love the Americans because of excellence in what they do, especially values. China will open it's arms to learn from the world: not just technology and business, but learn from the best values of the world. Most important, China must learn from the Christian faith. China is now willing to learn from this area.

He is taking this opportunity to thank the many missionaries who have come to help China. In 18th century and since the missionaries have brought the faith until 1949 when the missionaries where sent away. There are millions of Christians now. Chairman Lao has crushed all the cults. Another great leader has welcomed the gospel in. China has now seen many times over the economic transformation. The number of Christians has increased 100 fold in past 30 years. Half million to 80 million, but more optimistic estimate is 130 Million Christians in China. China will become the largest nation of protestants and Christians. We pray it will be the largest sending nation (sending of missionaries).

The biggest change is the change of life transformation and all other changes rise up based on this transformation. This transformation is the transformation of the cross. There is only 365 days in a year. 7 days in a week, I categorize days into two types: Sunday and not Sunday. All days that are not Sunday are days you are looking forward to Sunday.

Transformation only has 2 types: transformation in the cross and transformation without the cross. In modern history the nations that have developed most are influenced by the transformation of the cross. We see this in Italy. We also see this in America. God Bless America. America has built a city on a hill and has shared the light of Christ. Now we see the development of Christianity in the East: Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Today, the transformation of the cross has come to China. Chinese are not stubborn. Chinese culture is like an ocean that takes in all the rivers, so it is taking in the cultures of other countries and is in a large development process.

There are two Dynasties that are very important in Chinese history:
202 B.C. Han Dynasty: Confucianism and Taoism
Tang Dynasty 618 A.D.: Buddhism
Now, the Chinese will be combined with Christianity

China has come back. God has given us amazing opportunities.
Bless today's China because you will bless tomorrow's China.

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