Friday, August 06, 2010

Leadership Summit 2010 - Bill Hybel's Comments before Session 8 with T.D. Jakes

Leadership Summit 2010 - Bill Hybel's Comments before Session 8 with T.D. Jakes

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The local church is the Hope of the World. For it to reach it's full potential, it must be led. It has to be led by God centered, humble, growing leaders. It is unbelievable what can happen. This means that those of us with leadership gifts need to step us. We need to do leadership as a discipline, not as recreation. I need to read! Take responsibility. Read more, Get around the other leaders around you. Who can you get around, who's been around where you haven't been. How can you ask the right questions and get better. Go where leadership is taught.

If you're in business, then 98% of your leadership goes to your business, but some of it should go to kingdom building. You're not learning it all just so you can use it at work. Your church needs what you're learning. Go to your pastor and make yourself available. We have so many business people involved in our church, they are a big help.

Another reason this has been a favorite summit is that we've had more people from the local church here. We have a common supernatural experience. We can refer to this for months to come. Some pastors come alone. Come as many people from your church as you can so that you have a common mass and common language.

Me will have all new sessions, all new material, all new speakers in 2011. Don't say “Been there, done that.” You're part is to get more people to come so that the church has more leaders.

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