Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Report

Goals for this week:
  • God: Pray more (spend time talking to God)
  • Family: Set aside time for them
  • Encouragement: Find one story to share and blog it
  • Work Tasks: Complete population of pointers to information in case of an audit request
  • Career Development: Work toward next meeting for internal PM Certification, update candidate package
  • Social Networking: Blog about my "Networking Workshop"
  • Music: Internalize a few songs, blog on recent learning, practice
  • House: Finish more work on Interior doors
  • Garden: Move some ornamental grass
  • Finances: work toward a mortgage refinance
  • : Work with volunteer to send out announcement for call and then host call on Thursday
  • Family Reunion: Make sure announcement gets sent out by volunteers
  • Self: prepare to remember those who serve and enjoy memorial day weekend

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