Friday, May 15, 2009

What can man do to me?

This is the first of my "Encouragement for the Battle" posts.
I've always thought about doing these since a pastor of ours talked about how "no matter how good people might say they are doing or look like they're doing, everyone is fighting a battle."
I first thought of doing a podcast, but now I'm thinking God wants it to be a blog. Who knows, maybe a podcast later.

So, for my first post, I'll tell you this story:

Several years ago, working as a Project Manager, I was overwhelmed by pressures on a project that was in dire straights. Management was putting pressure to perform, but things were in a bad state of affairs and there wasn't a graceful way out. At one point, I was just so overwhelmed with stress that I actually went out and laid down on the floor in the common area outside my office. I laid face up on the floor. I didn't even have the energy to sit anymore!

I was so focused on performing well and didn't see a way that this could turn out good. I'm not good at underperforming; I don't take it well. I was super-stressed out. I cried out to the Lord.

It was just the next day that God brought me to Psalm 118:6 which paraphrased says "Don't be afraid. What can man do to you?" In other words, if God is for us, who can be against us? Read it, it will help you in the day of battle!

It was a weight lifted off of me! I was free! How could I have lost sight of God's care for me? But I had, and now this verse reminded me, put my feet on solid ground and I was off and running again!

Be encouraged, God is with you!

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