Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you wound too tight?

Are you wound too tight?
I know I am at times!

It's apparently been proven that "children laugh an average of 300 times per day, while adults only laugh between 15 and 100 times per day."

Sometimes, when someone is very tense and can't "loosen up" and enjoy life, we might say that they are "wound too tight." (We also sometimes say about people "I wonder what makes them tick?" - funny how we talk "clock talk")

Watches and Clocks can be wound very tight, but they need to run in periodic time intervals (for sake of argument, let's say in one second intervals) no matter how tight or loose the spring. There is a very important piece to the watch or clock that regulates the speed to maintain the intervals of time no matter how much pressure comes from the tension of the mainspring. This is called an "escapement." My brother lives near the National Watch and Clock museum. We toured it once and saw how many various escapements have been invented.

We should all take a lesson from clocks, no matter how tightly they are wound, they still get the same amount of work done and the same amount of rest. No matter how much stress they get from the mainspring, they still perform the same. So, let's loosen up and enjoy life a little.

Here are a few ways to "loosen up" and enjoy life:
* Thank God for your blessings - count them!
* Play - do you engage in play? Play is very important to stimulate laughter and to open up creativity
* Spend some time with children, their outlook on life usually has lots of great positive aspects to it. We can learn a lot from their wonder.
* Learn some jokes
* Learn to laugh, especially at yourself - there's someone in my family who's always been good at this, I need to take lessons
* What's your favorite board game? Card game? Get it out and play it again?

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