Friday, August 07, 2009

Leadership Summit: Closing Session

Bill Hybels ties it all together with the final session

  • King gets leoparacy. The prophet of God asks him to wash 7 times in the waters of the Jordan
  • He says there are other places with better views and better water to go to
  • His advisors told him that he's done great things, and if the prophet asked him to do something great, he'd do it. But, the prophet only asked him to do a little thing
  • So, he did it
  • Then he realized there is no other God like God
  • The story is in II Kings 5
  • We take the Leadershp Summit with us. We might be thinking we need to do something big, but first be willing to do some simple things every day.


  • 1.Consider establishing a time and place to meet with God every day
  • Make sure it happens in the right frame of mind and on a daily basis
  • There are many leaders out there doing great things, but so often the compromise is the meeting with God
  • He was meeting with God reading Ephesians 6 - Paul was asking for prayer so he can fearlessly proclaim the message of Christ
  • Leaders need something fresh from God every day
  • Somedays the fireworks won't happen, but stay in the routine and God will speak
  • 2. Commit to reading good books at least 30 minutes a day
  • 3. Review your replenishment strategy Rom 8:6
  • 4. Decide to say "yes" to God every time he asks you to do something
  • 5. You've been challenged about innovation and serving the poor, but it's the simple things that you do that will compound the influence and effectiveness of a leader.
  • The simple things are the building blocks of God doing something great in your some day
  • Final word: your life matters. This isn't the pre-game, this is the game. You have one life to live full-out for God and develop your leadership to it's full potential. You have one chance to do something of eternal significance.
  • That's an intentionally personal decision you all need to make: what race are you running, what will you lay it down for?
  • The thing that happens when we submit ourselves to God, our head leader, is just like combustible energy
  • It's like being in recess in school and the bell is going to ring, now I have to go back into the school
  • As you go on your way, do some simple things that will compound

My Take-aways:

  • Apply, Apply, Apply!

Note: I've been posting live from the leadership Summit ( satellite location in Ocean Grove NJ ( which was chartered 140 years ago by the state of NJ "for the perpetual worship of Jesus Christ." It's known as God's Square mile on the New Jersy Shore.

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