Friday, August 07, 2009

Leadership Summit - Last session on Thursday: POWERFUL!

Well, the battery died in the laptop, so I'm posting this a day after, but this was powerful!

Harvey Carey - started church in Detroit
  • after 6 years, 800 in attendance
  • top %5 of spiritual growth in reveal assessment
  • says "I Am your expresso; no cream, no sugar
  • thought he was rich because his mom took care of them, but he was po (Po looks up to poor)
  • He is pastor in poorest zipcode of poorest city in poorest state
    What do you do when faced with insurmountable odds:
  • #1. Believer God's word is true and he is working miracles today
    Was told by detroit pastors: you've got white people coming to your church, we don't want white people coming back to the city, so we're going to shut you down
  • When odds are brought against you, that's when God shines
  • The fact that you're under an economic crisis is because God is about to show up!
  • For those that have all the resources, you're gonna loose your mind. Join the rest of us already used to no resources.
    We need people on staff to equip others to equip people to reach the lost
  • It's not how many on your staff, it's how many that are effective are on your staff
  • How would you like to go to a professional sports game, pay all that money, they come out, they huddle 10 minutes, 25 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour, then they say a prayer and go home? You'd be very upset, there'd be an uproar. But, that's what God sees us do every week in church. We need to go out and reach the world.
  • He sometimes gives a short 10 minute sermon then they go out and minister to the community. Examples:
  • Giving a Bible and praying to everyone in their neigborhood
  • Having Urban camping in front of a crack house - shut down 6 this way!
Main Take-away: get in the game, apply what God's taught you

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