Friday, August 07, 2009

Leadership Summit: post from sessions 1,2, and 3 yesterday

I've taken the time to pull my twitter posts (tweets) from yesterday and post them here from Sessions 1 and 2 yesterday:
1. Bill Hybels: Leading in a new reality
2. Hiring, firing, and Board Meltdowns: Panel of Bill Hybels, Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni, Carly Fiorina, David Ireland
Session 3: Leadership Summit: Gary Hamel speaking: Manage Differently NOW
  • Session 1: Bill Hybels
    You need to have your "replenishment bucket" full to inspire your team
  • book "How the mighty have fallen": need to assess who key leaders are in your org
    what r key leadership positions? are they filled w/right people? Plan to fill with right people? Backup plan for each pos?
    if this economic rogue wave is the new norm, it's adding extra work. How can we sustain the work we do? Discipleship training center is also for your replenishgment is celebrating 140 years, was chartered by state of NJ for perpetual worship of Jesus Christ
    Hybels: interviewed Jack Welch (GE) who said "Cash is King"... It gives time to react. Bus and Personally u need cash reserve

Session 2: Hiring, firing, and Board Meltdowns: Panel of Bill Hybels, Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni, Carly Fiorina, David Ireland

Leadership Summit: David Ireland is on panel, he spoke at ocean grove NJ just a week ago
Leadership Summit: Determining if there is a Cultural connection is important when hiring (background checks too)
When hiring a change agent, dont always look at 1st impressions Sometimes you don't have a correct impression
spend time with a person b4 hiring, ask same question multiple times, open ended, take out of environment
When interviewing: ask weaknesses and how they would work in your org. Listen more than talk. Ask about their answers. Open ended q's
Tell them what your culture is to see if they fit. becomes difficult if you dont have well defined culture
interviewing: take time to have conv up front: tell why r we hiring. Find out lots about the person. Have a hiring process
interviewing/hiring: if ur in hurry, better to take time 2 get right person than the pain of wrong person
Board Meltdown: Who is your "board"? your family, your sponsors at work?
Leadership Summit: are you letting your "Board" / ur team / ur upline know what's going on? Communications is key!
your "board" - spend time together, build trust through time together. board "retreats" r different goals than Board mtgs
Leadership Summit: Board meetings: take 10 minutes at end to ask "how did we do?
demistify boards: they are a team! To be functional, it takes work to determine common goals.
Board Meetings: decide ahead: what do we do when we disagree? What is process to decision: concensus/Majority

  • Board members need to have a skillset that contributes to goals. Can they help move the ship forward? Need terms 4 members.
  • need term limits to elimate exhaustion of members and for new and fresh ideas.
  • Terminating someone from the team: it is compassionate and respectful to be truthful: candor
  • Terminating people: let people know feedback in advance. A firing should never be a surprise
  • Terminating people: Can you retrain? Can you re-position? No blind-sighting. Warnings: verbal, written, dev. plan, probation
  • Terminating: in small org, remind them "it's not working, how can we make it work?"
  • Evaluating Employeers: grading system well defined, let them know how to improve and what the grading means
  • Reward process: if all are rated high, then u risk loosing top performers because they dont believe in the system
  • Leadership Summit: Kindest form of management is the truth

Session 3: Leadership Summit: Gary Hamel speaking: Manage Differently NOW

  • We are @ point in history where rate of change is exponential. Many things are changing exponentially
  • many orgs have issues because they cant keep up with exponential change today, paradigm shift
  • Are you taking off like a rocket? keep in mind that rockets have parabolic curve!
  • organization entropy, gravitational pull is downward
  • Are you in Org denial? In your org? in your relationship?
  • Paterns of org dillusion: Dismiss, Rationalize, Mitigation, confront
  • Steps to avoid Org Disillusionment: 1. face the facts. Don't pretend or avoid truth
  • avoid Org diso step2: Question your beliefs: not creed, but practices. invite otusiders to provide input.Look 4 more options
  • need to diverge a lot to create enough input to the innovation funnel to get to successes at end of funnel
  • to get idea funnel, consult others: IBM did this several years ago by looking outside. is used by Dell
  • Very unlikely to create lots of options, unless you deconstruct your model and do business innovation
  • innovation always follows a power curve: lots of ideas, many experiments, some projects, a few successes
  • when everything is changing, we need to learn to be contrarian
  • #1 reason orgs get left behind: when mental models of leadership team depreciates but they still have power
  • Leadership Summit: Gary Hamel "Can your org survive without the stars at the top?
  • Leadership Summit Hamel "Leadership today is: mobilize, connect and support"
  • Intenet is authority of the crowd, change in heirarchy paradigm in effect since the pyramids
  • Hamel "In the internet paradigm, natural leaders are the ones who rise to top
  • Hamel: We need to rethink changing our church orgs if we want to change lives 4 better
  • Hamel "In the internet paradigm, natural leaders are the ones who rise to top

My Main Take-aways:

  • Keep our cash reserve at home
  • Work on EQ, relationships with others, Kindest form of management is the truth

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