Friday, August 07, 2009

Leadership Summit: Friday session#5: Dave Gibbons: Third Culture Leadership

Leadership Summit (

Friday Session 5: Dave Gibbons: Third Culture Leadership
Author of book "Monkey and the Fish"

  • In most orgs, vision comes from the core and goes out to fringe, but in better orgs, the vision comes from the fringe and is caught by the core
  • your weakness and failures may be God's successes, his strength is made perfect in your weakness
  • relationships trump vision
  • Spend 75% devloping leaders, 25% time executing
  • Medici effect - when multiple domains together, exponential experience
  • How/what he learned:
    1. Priority shifts
    2. Design/space shifts
  • They focus on the fringe.
  • Obedience is more important than passion - Jesus didn't feel great about going to the cross ("if possible, let this cup pass...")
  • 4 acts of obedience in the church:
    1. deeper collaboration
    2. Communal living - learn to walk and talk together
    3. Prayer - all the great movements have prayer as their core
    4. Radical sacrifice for the outsider

My Main Take-away: Develop relationship and prayer within churches

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